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Due to its high versatility and functionality, this product has the ability to install in all of the operating room and intensive care units that are designed based on custom's need. One of the most important features of ceiling pendant is to withstand high weight and most of the medical devices could be installed on it, such as monitors, surgical instruments, IV pole, medical gases, anesthesia machine, respiratory machine, Oxygen flowmeter, wall mounted suction. It also has been used to reduce amount of occupied space around the patient and increasing the required space for better access of medical staff to provide necessary services. Furthermore by optimizing the treatment process so it could provide security for the patient during their stay in the ward. These ceiling pendants could have been rotated up to 340˚c on each arm. Farsar Tejarat Eng. Co. Ltd ceiling pendants has been presented in single-arm, double-arm, lifted and motorized models. Installing a large number of these ceiling pendants by the experts of Farsar Tejarat Eng. Co. Ltd. in the country is an evidence to their efficiency and quality. 
These ceiling pendants are available in two models: FME26, SINGLE, DOUBLE, and FME27with motor arm (to raise and lower anesthesia device).