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Opening Imam Hosein hosepital in Karaj with the presence of the Minister of Health

Imam Hosein hosepital in Mohammadshahr Karaj, with 170 active beds had been inaugurated by Minister of Health, Dr. Hashemi dated on June 15th. The Minister of Health also visited various parts of the hospital, including emergency rooms and operating rooms.

The minister of health was closely involved in the process of construction and completion of the hospital during his visit. The foundation of the hospital is 8,500 m and includes: Plastic Surgery, Urology, Laboratory and General Surgery.

Imam Hosein Hospital was built in partnership with a local benefactor of Mohammad Shahr (Mr. Javad Mansourbakht) and was managed by the private sector of Nedaye salamat Farasar Alborz Co.

According to Dr. Kasani, Director of the Resource Development in Alborz University of Medical Sciences, all tariffs will be government-based, despite the private sector management at the hospital.